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3 Occult Books: Basic Fundamentals For Lilith And Lucifer Worship

Occult books are a great place to start learning about pagan religions and magic. Witches must read occult books before they practice any form of witchcraft. To make an effective connection with the goddess Lilith or with Lucifer, you first need to understand what they really represent.

The reason why many people call them the "dark forces" is because they represent evil to the Abrahamic faiths. People fear them because they are powerful, mysterious, and dangerous. They can be seen as demons that have been cast out from God's kingdom, but also as gods in their own right.

Lilith and Lucifer have virtues that go well beyond their dark reputations. Both are associated with wisdom, knowledge, power, and beauty.

Lilith represents feminine energy, which is often seen as being negative in patriarchal society. However, she has positive qualities as well. She is associated with creativity, intuition, and psychic abilities. 

Lucifer is associated with light, love, the planet Venus, and the morning star. He is the bringer of enlightenment, inspiration, truth, and good fortune.

There are many different ways to connect with these entities. You can do it through meditation, ritual, or by building an altar for them. Some witches prefer to work with them directly rather than use a spell. The best way to learn how to contact them is to study their myths and legends.

3 Occult Books: Basic Fundamentals For Lilith And Lucifer Worship


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I have enough problems as it is. I would never want to be in contact with these two demonic entities. Thanks anyway, for offering to expand my reading horizons.

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I'm really short of time for a good reading, but I've been looking for suggestions like this for a long time. I really hope I can read them. Thanks so much

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