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Beginner Witch Research Topics: What Should A Baby Witch Learn About First?

Do you want to learn witchcraft? Are you wondering what you should know before you begin? Well, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know!

If you want to become a witch, there are several things you should know first. But, not just any kind of knowledge; you want to learn the right sort of information. Here are five areas you must focus on when you decide to study witchcraft.

Learn Different Types Of Spells

Before you can cast spells, you need to understand what kinds of spells exist. For example, if you plan to cast love spells, you need to learn what type of spell it is. You don’t want to cast a bad luck charm, for instance.

In addition, you need to know which parts of a spell are most important. The reason for this is because some forms of magic are better than others. For example, certain kinds of magic will not work unless you add a specific ingredient at a specific time. Other spells can be used anytime, anywhere.

Learn How To Cast Spells

Once you know what you’re doing, you’ll need to learn how to cast spells. This means learning the spells themselves, as well as how to cast them. 

Brewing a potion is different from making a talisman! Learning the process of witchcraft will help you a lot in the long run.

Learn Herbalism

Herbs play an integral role in witchcraft. They provide the ingredients that make up magical potions. In fact, herbs are so important that they’ve been called “the secret weapon of witches.”

While herbalism isn’t difficult to learn, it does require time and effort. However, once you have learned all about herbs, you’ll find yourself able to create magical concoctions with ease.

Learn About Divination Methods

Divination methods allow you to predict future events. These include fortune telling, astrology, palm reading, tarot cards, runes, and numerology. Reading tarot cards is very popular with witches, but many other divination techniques are also available.

Learning these methods will give you the opportunity to use your powers for good. It will also teach you how to interpret the results of your readings.

Learn About Deities

Finally, you’ll want to learn about deities. A deity is someone who has power over the universe. Some people believe that every person has their own personal god or goddess. Others believe that there is only one true God. Either way, you need to learn more about the gods before you start casting spells.

You may even wish to learn about the nature spirits. These beings are similar to the gods, but they aren’t as powerful. They live among us, but they do not control our lives. We work with them in harmony with their spirits and with nature itself.

These are just a few of the topics you need to cover before you begin studying witchcraft.

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