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Full Moon Witchcraft: Traditions, Correspondences And Rituals For Beginners

My newest book is out now!

When the full moon rises, it's time to tap into your inner witch! In Full Moon Witchcraft, Emma Kyteler shows you how to work with lunar energy to supercharge your spellwork. From fun and festive ways to celebrate the full moon to powerful protection magic, this book has everything you need to make the most of every full moon cycle.

Full Moon Witchcraft is perfect for beginners and experienced witches alike, with a focus on teaching you how to recognize the moon's energies and use that power to create your own unique spells and rituals.

In this book you'll find:

  • The mystical powers of this moon phase
  • Full moon crystals, herbs, and correspondences
  • How the full moon influences you based on your natal moon sign
  • The full moon's energies through each month of the year
  • Working with the full moon during pagan holidays
  • Journal prompts for the full moon
  • How planetary hours will influence your full moon ritual and choosing the perfect time for moon spells
  • Tips and tricks for working with full moon energy for love, money, healing, and even hexes and curses
  • Banishing negative energy during the full moon

So whether you're just beginning your journey with witchcraft or are looking for new ways to work with the full moon's energy, this book will show you how to use its magic in your everyday life!

Full Moon Witchcraft: Traditions, Correspondences And Rituals For Beginners is a comprehensive guide to working with the power of the full moon. It includes information on creating a ritual bath, planting seeds of intention, using moon magick in your daily life, magical correspondences of the full moon, as well as practical advice on how to harness its magical properties.

The powerful energy in moon magic can fully transform your life if you learn how to work with it. So get ready to set a full moon intention and build upon magical success with monthly spells.

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