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New Years Magick & Money Magick Simmer Pot Recipes

Hi there, witches! I've released two new books, one about new years magick and the other about using simmer pots to draw in wealth and abundance.

The new year is quickly approaching, and we need to get our magick on! These two books will help you do just that.

In my New Years Magick book, I guide you through choosing your new year's resolutions, and setting powerful intentions for the year ahead.

Meanwhile, in my Money Magick Simmer Pot Recipes book, I've gathered together some of the most potent wealth-drawing spells from around the world. Whether you're looking to manifest a raise at work or attract more money into your life generally, these supercharged simmer pot concoctions are sure to do the trick!

I hope they help you make your dreams come true!


Prepare For New Years

Get Your Simmer Pot Recipes


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