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What Is The Wheel Of The Year?

The Wheel of the Year is a term used to describe the natural seasonality of the earth's climate. 

The idea is that as we go through the seasons, we can gain insight into ourselves, our relationships, and the state of our lives.

The Four Seasons are Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. They represent four aspects of life:

1) Growth - Spring represents growth of personal awareness and development of self awareness. We tend to move forward with greater confidence and optimism. Life seems brighter, healthier, and full of possibilities. Our actions tend to become more positive.

2) Abundance - Summer represents abundance of life. This is when everything is bursting forth in nature. Plants grow wildly, animals multiply, and children continue their education. In the physical realm, food becomes plentiful and healthy; and love flourishes. People seem happier, more relaxed, and playful. There may be bursts of anger or frustration with the uncontrollable forces of nature, but overall life appears abundant and prosperous.

3) Contemplation - Autumn represents contemplation of our inner selves. Life slows down. We're less active physically but spend more time thinking about our inner feelings and thoughts. We look within and take stock of what we've learned during the previous year. We see what we've accomplished and what needs to be improved upon. We reflect back on past decisions and actions. We learn from our experience. We learn from our mistakes.

4) Solitude - Winter represents solitude and reflection. Winter is a time of introspection. As we face the realities of life and the choices we made last fall, we often feel remorse and regret. We realize that despite our efforts, we couldn't completely overcome our emotions and reactions. We're forced to accept the reality of our situation and learn from our experiences. In this process, we often come to terms with who we are and what we need to do to improve.

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