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Who Is Lilith?

The name Lilith has been connected to Paganism since ancient times, but why? Is she dangerous or benevolent? What does her story tell us about our ancestors?

Lilith was the first wife of Adam (not Eve) before he had created Eve from his rib. She became a symbol of female sexuality in modern feminist paganism. Some know her as the might mother, the queen of abortions, and other names that imply she is evil.

Nowadays Lilith is still regarded as a powerful spirit and is associated with black magic. She appears in several forms. One version is in the form of a snake-like figure, and another is as a winged woman. She is sometimes portrayed wearing a crown with animals like snakes, cats and owls.

Lilith may manifest in dreams or nightmares. Some people see her as a beautiful young woman, while others see her as a hideous creature. If someone sees a snake in a dream, it could mean they are seeing Lilith.

Learn more about Lilith and how to worship her here.


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